Tuesday, September 12, 2023

[Poem] The Lickers of Toilets

 by Emmit Other

You can smell it on their breath

Their accomodation with evil

And embrace of dark death

Apologists for Prince Polonium

Babble onwards ere ad nauseum

Now they will chorus the devils due

Every word that passes his lips cold blue

Shreiks to any learned ears most untrue

From the Crypt Thing on the wrong side mausoleum

Babbling Stalin Clone wont leave well alone

And lies that his beloved Soviet Empire must atone

From dark tank days of Hungary in days past

He says the west now does the same thing 

The harpy dirty bird shit bird poopist does sing

Of how the west is wrong and up is down

But to the shitBRICS global south 

Most any foppish dingleberry can leave the undeads mouth

And they the loser chorus will recite it true

As if their imperialist heads were filled with glue

The Global South just wants things to be new

And by new they mean the boot on the other foot.

No morals do these apologists have

Just an ethical lapse cut by half

To imply that victims of imperialism get to burn

The world that to them was not fair

And yet the deal isnt square 

Because their babbling goo the West doth spurn

So then cries of racism and classism doth the pravda crowd poo

They lick the Prince's toilet bowl

And shovel more bullshit coal

In the engine thats been broken down undue

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