Tuesday, September 5, 2023

[Poem] The Curse

 By Emmit Other

Most curses end quickly




When you pick up the blood stained flag of Nazism

When you march around in the jack boots of Hitler

When you heil to the shadow image of the Leader

When you accuse Jews of being anti semetic

The Invisible Powers Hear

Dont blame me, Blame yourself

When you dine with nazis you are a nazi

When you tweet with nazis you are a nazi

You have been warned

Get out

Get out now

For the blood of millions haunts the halls

As the arrogant Leon Stink 

Climbs to the top of Twitter Tower

And pees on the Gods

Saying "At least it cant get any worse

Whats the worst that can happen

Fuck you Karma

I am Elon Musk"

You saw what he did

You know what he did

He is invoking the curse on to himself

Dont be caught in the impact

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