Monday, May 13, 2024

[Poem] Whip It

 by Emmit Other

On my Mission for the false LDS church

I grew to love the White Christ

And in hindsight still love the Historical one

But nothing speaks louder 

Of the irreconcilable differences

Between Maga  and the Just

Then what we mean when we quote scripture

"But many shall do good works in my name

But Are Devils."

To a Maga

This is librul babi killurs

Whose wannu takes our constitushun

Our precious,

Gollum, Gollum"

To the Just

We take one look at Donald Trump

And is there ANY doubt in your mind

That the Historical Christ would grab a whip

And go to town on Maga?

That the Deznat members of the LDS church

Would check a box "Yes"

If the LDS Profit asked

"Should we hold a Maga Rally on Temple Grounds?"

Whose side are you on?

But as for me and my house

We dont stand with LDS White Satan

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