Thursday, May 9, 2024

[Poem] Anyone can be a Nazi

 By Emmit Other

Its a simple recipe to make a Nazi

Start with lies

The natural bane of the Nazi

Is Truth

Thats why they always silence reporters

Then bring to a slow boil

And add hate

Nazis always hate the most vulnerable in society

They attack the weakest among them

The other

Young or old or other

Doesnt matter

To a a Nazi

But hate is not enough

For Nazis need a leader

Someone to inspire them

someone to rally around

someone to tell them they are better


That they are the victims

That all their problems are

The other

The Leader is the only solution

slippery slopers 

(Who should be pushed down that slope)

Say nazi doesnt mean anything any more

I know six million reasons

This is a lie

But I bet I could find

At least some shades in that army of pain

Wbo would recognize familiar patterns

All over the world

In most nations

As they form alliances with each other

Little nazi cancer clusfers

Any culture can brew them

A thousand flavors of nazi

but the dofference between sparkling fascism

And genuine nazis is the final ingredient


A fetish for murder on an industrial scale


And mechanized murder by factory

Carpet bomb the enemy to pulp

You show me a nation that seems to get

Sexual gratification in dropping bombs on hospitals

And I will show you

Someone nazis would buy a beer for

Until they asked 

Where you are from


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