Tuesday, May 28, 2024

[Poem] Every Time Your Silence Me

by Emmit Other

Every time you 
and your little friends
Silence me
You empower me
You think this empty words
But you never stopped me
You just.made less people see what I say
But how many times
Have you and people like you
Kept having to do it
you think it is just you
flowing w the system
And instead
You have shown me
Ths system is rotten to the core
and focused my mind like a laser
on how to overturn it
and without that system
Who and what you are
Is public 
local jurisdictions will go away
capitalism and the worship theroef
corporate tech bros to seduce to your insanity
you think your side is winning
if it was winning
you wiuldnt hwve to silence me
or shout so loud
you dont need to hear the flames
circoling around the bandstand
as you celebrate a victory
you camt earn
without blood and theft
I wish you success
I wakt you to see
What Ametica is really like
To people who take her freedom
I wont lift a finger
i will just witness
and watch
i see
what you cannot
amd will never again warn you abiut it

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