Monday, May 27, 2024

[Poem] A Mothers Love

by Emmit Other

She was a catalyst
The changer of games
She was a porn star
But she changed her frames
Acteess and advocate
She set the story
But then tragedy struck
And became the quary
Her son was "cursed"
W a Spectrum Autistic
And she blamed vaccines
And called them sadistic
So the movement against science began
From a tiny fringe
To a master plan
Of soccer moms and moms for liberty
To kill their kids
On a false lie of sophistry
Hundreds to thousands
Have died on their lie
But she loved her son
So she had to try
A mothers love is a powerful thing
The sociopaths know that
And their noses can ring
Using ther passion
to funace their lies
Thus love can turn toxic
And society dies

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