Monday, May 13, 2024

[Poem] Call me Crazy

 By Emmit Other

But I am over trying to be nice

I consistently find myself

Five to ten years

Ahead of everyone else

Call me Prophet

Or just call me well informed

But at this point

When they say

They wanna deport American Citizens protesting Israel

To Gaza

I say

Send Maga to Russia

When they say

We are pedos and not patriots

I say

Put them in prison 

When they say

Freedom of Speech

But say any media left of the New York Slimes

Is lying traitors

Then I say

Shut down any conservative media

I am tired 



Of Centrists saying both sides are the same

There are two evils in this country


And both siders

Its a matter of when

Not if

Before Maga turns full shooting traitor

And America is not kind

To those

Who try to destroy her

Just because real Americans

Dont categorize anyone they dont disagree with

As unamerican

Doesnt mean

They wont act like Americans during the 1950s and Communists

Are you now

Or have you ever been

A member of the Maga Party?

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