Wednesday, May 15, 2024

[Poem] Noonday Sun

 By Emmit Other

The LDS church

Is Christian

And does the 10 commands 

Like anyone else

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Cults in a cult

Are forbidden

To deny the holy ghost

After you have felt it

Is blasphemy

And to deny

The sun at noon

i felt it when I prayed

And dont even acknowledge

The mormon god anymore

as someone

i respect

so when maga syncophants

Line up

Row after row

To say 

They are not in a cult

i wonder

Does Deznat Maga

Actually have testimonies

Or just say they do

Because everyone else did

In church on sunday

The lds profit

Isnt calling out this threat 

To the LDS church

And the LDS god

And the LDS holy 1789 constitution

And they likely think it is God

Holding his tounge

Like the end times in the Book of Chloroform in Print

Funny thing though

god only did that when 99.9 percent of the church

was no longer Christian

so if non deznat are believing that

They know their church is already gone

And the LDS Profit


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