Thursday, December 7, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Bus Full of Orphans


Pericuolo Narr turned into a human

And saw a bus full of Orphans

That was surrounded on four sides

Dangling on the bridge pinned in

By men with mirrorshades and machine guns

And four plucky idiots with slingshots

Who were holding their own

Six x of the guys with mirror shades

Were acting like  they were on LSD

It was Christmas Eve

Where the fuck were the cops?

It was a slow attention

One of the kids was wounded

In swoops Peri

Obfuscated lile the City Gangrel he is

And he bites one of the mirror shades

And coleslaws two more with celerity

They aim their fire at him

And he turns to mist and obfuscated

They are looking outward now not inward

Peri bides his time

While the mirror shades panic

And the kids use more LSD

Peri attacks again and again

Eventually Peti thinks the coos are coming

Only for a helicopter full of Iteration X cyborgs to swoop in


Then Peri remembers its fucking Christmas Eve

Santa owes him a favor

Peti makes a call

The cyborgs see him 

And can shoot the mist with incendiary rounds


And he thinks its over

Only like a fucking comet

The mage changeling swoops down from the sky

And a pillar of sunlight

Turns the cyborgs to lightning slag

And strangely doesnt burn him

The mirrorshades flee

And the kids 

Changelings all 

Are talen somewhere safe


To his eternal amusement is owed another favor 

Turns out there was an arch duke on the bus

A nine year old arch duke


Eye toll

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