Tuesday, December 5, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Christmas Engine

You know that this holiday is more than the misplace birthday

Of the Dessert Messiah


When you continue to celebrate

An appropriated pagan holiday

For centuries

It seeps into the DNA of your story

And the Thane of Christmas Lore is born

Feudal Vassal to the Architect of Stories

He is both the ultimate sage on what is

Or isnt

A christmas story

He is the predelictated master of every tale thereof

An endless field in swaying grass

Of every perfect snowflake in hoary frosted fields

Sings around a tinsel wrapped tower 

That seems to blot out the sun for its shiny immense height

He sits there on a throne

Telling tales for fascinated pilgrims from dawn to dusk

A library of every christmas tale

Pest Present or Future

Galls every nook and cranny of these hallowed minty halls

The miasma of mistletoe holly and poinsettia

Waft the nostrils and symphony the senses

He sits on his Candy Cane throne and speaks

Of Christmas miracles in this 

Or any other reality

Understanding the mix of nightmare and beauty

Of sadness and joy

Of banality and miracle

His is a power to be reckoned with

As his demense belies his own

Everywhere the Christmas lights may glow

Electric Fire or Otherwise

Stay a while

Grab a cup of hot cocoa

And Listen

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