Monday, December 18, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Mupplet Chrismas

December 11 1992

Was the day a Muppet Christmas Carol premiered

A work of wonder care and compassion

But it was more than that

Jim Henson is and was the personification

Of everything Dickens enshrined in A Christmas Carol

Kind  wise and shrewd 

He lived every day of his life as if it were Christmas

But on mAy 16, 1990

That candle was snuffed early and tragically

Many felt that it was the end of the Muppets

Disney had bought them

But it was always with the intent Jim keep on

Brian Henson picked up the torch

And voiced the small green Frog

This movie is proof that Henson's dream lived on

Characters that have lived and loved since

The single most touching moment

In one of the most touching movies of all time

Is when Kermit and Tiny Tim

Scat together with Tim on his shoulder

Walking home the first time

And you see 

What Brian and his father had.

This movie is Christmas

In more ways than one.

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