Saturday, December 23, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - The Horn of Christmas Valere

Ghosts of Christmas Present

Live during the day

They start out vibrant and healthful

And end up salt and pepper Gray

One day is all they get

Spending their whole magic to induce Christmas wonder

They die content

Their essence spent

Then their being is torn Christmas Asunder

So I sent the Far Knight

On quite the Quest

As far and as wide as the Blue Rook Could Go

To Find The Horn of Christmas Valere

And bring it to Terra to Blow

Like the Wheel of Time

It summons the dead

But it brings not the Heroes of the Horn

Instead my friends

It allows Christmas Amends

From the Christmas Ghosts that had been Torn

Now on Christmas Eve Eve

They have a rock tockin good time

To counter the grouches of Festivus

I love that grouch day

But today Good Cheer is the way

In a mass joygasm Christmas jam most sublime.

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