Tuesday, December 12, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Santa's Blavk Bag [nsfw]

There is naughty

And then there is naughty in a good way

Santa has many bags

Contrary to popular belief

But the black bag in the hidden vault

Is saved for the very special toys

For very special boys and girls

All of which are tested

Year round first on Mrs Clause

And then a veritable elf harem

Where Santa's Little Helper 

Is helped to get gallons and gallons

Of special Christmas frosting

After the normal journey is through

The rubberized reindeer

And the stealth sleigh 

Travel the world

Giving magical sex toys

To those who deserve them

Stopping occasionally

For the right party

That has a lot more to offer Santa

Than milk and cookies

Dont write an x rated lette via USPS

Write it in the dongeon

And give it to your Dungeon Master

And I dont mean

Fireball does 6d6 

If you get

What I mean

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