Friday, December 22, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Liminal Christmas

Christmas is now

Christmas is now

Christmas is now

The Family Guy episode

Where he slams the door

On the modern Mary and Joseph is all true

Be generous

Be kind

Be courageous

Now is the time

Now is always the time

To wake up

And be better.

In the ancient past

Perceiving spiritual beings was the first skill we learned

Channeling was the second

The play's the thing

The Greeks were not the only culture

To believe in the sacred fury of this ritual

Actors channel the spirit of that which they become

Gods or otherwise

Let us channel Christmas all our lives

The spirit of intelligent pragmatic courageous generosity

Feel the Christmas Force flow within you

It binds all Christmas things together

It both guides your actions

And responds to your commands

Be one with the Tinsel.

Christmas is now.

Christmas is living.

Christmas is Loving.

Every culture and tradition

Has some kind of holiday this time of year.

Be kind.



Thats Blockbuster

Be kind.

Just do it.


Be all that you can be.


Be kind.

Dont be a fucking jerk.

Thats it.

Be kind.

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