Thursday, December 21, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Christmas Future Tense

What does the Ghost of Christmas Future fear?

As we drift into the corridors of possible tomorrows

We see empty hallways of silent doom

Whole wings and branches of Humanity's future lie silent

For a being who stretches into every possible future


Every possible future Christmas

There are thousands upon millions

More every day

Of silent Christmases

You cannot Scrooge the Dead

You cannot give more chances

When there are no more Christmases to give

No spirit is all powerful

No matter what the religious say

Every supernatural being has rules that limit them

Without exception

And to terrify and redeem

There must be some redemption to be had

And the Drunk Conductors of Humanity

Want to either decrease the surplus population

With sex clones and robot Butlers

Or increase the population until we are kept Rabbits

But this is Christmas

So we hired Diego Del Fuego's Time Traveling Mariachi Band

To show up once a Christmas in every possible future

Throwing a Christmas Party for the poor dude

Any lingering supernatural beings are invited

Flickering out like stars in the sky

As even the ghosts fade and move on

And the uplifted bears and raccoons cant sustain belief

In worlds where heat death kills everything 

Except Cockroaches Bacteria and Self Breeding Twinkies

So for a few thousand years its a Christmas Jamboree

Gods and Fairies and Santa do egg nog

With the Easter Bunny and Skeleton Jack

But eventually

Its just the Ghost of Christmas Future and Death

And of course Emmit Other

Making Morbid Poems

Until eventually 

Its just Death and an empty tear stained robe

No one left to Scrooge

No one left

Except Death

Who turns the lights out 

Until the Cockroach Men and Ant Men War

Millions of Years Later  

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