Friday, December 1, 2023

[Poem] The First God of Christmas

by Emmit Other

The God of Christmas
Isnt Who You think
Amd every present 
That you wrap
Gives him a sippy drink
Who you ask?
Quite a simple task
Old ringed Saturn
God of Time
Takes your spirit most sublime
And sips it in like fine fine wine
So go be merry
Get to work
Insane shopping 
So he takes a schlurk
Oh so jolly
The saint that aint
Giveth presents
Like a thing that aint
Eyes aglow
Inside the fire
Milk and Cookies 
His hungry desire
Takes your offering
And leaves a present
You think you gave it
Isnt that pleasant
No burden of worship
The rest of the year
You steal his holiday
He steals right back and wont shed a tear.

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