Sunday, December 17, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Ed Who

You didn't see it in the book

You didn't see it in the movie

Not even the video game

(Please dont ask)

But one Who was  not smiling 

When he changed bis ways

Made one who was watching

For the rest of their days

For any backsliding

Any at all

And then Edward Who

Would be there for their fall

You see for Ed that Christmas

Was not about something more

But a train you bought at the store

The Markleblat 9000 was shiny and neat

With every accessory it ran twenty feet

Ed knew what that green meanie had done

So when it was legal he purchased  a gun

The cheapest place beyond  the North pole

And Ed didnt care for nice or for coal

He waited at night by bis chimney patrol

Waiting to blow the Grinch away

When the Green ex Grouch passed

(For non but Elves and Robots last)

He stood over the ground an extra six days

Just to make sure he stayed that way

Then at last at last at last

He played with his trains in peace.

The lesson my friend is as simple at this

Learn to forgive or goodbye your life kiss.

Merry Christmas to All

And to all a good night

In spite of this poem

And verbal word blight.

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